Standard Labels

There are 12 designs in our standard range referenced from A to L. Each design is available in 1lb, 12oz and 8oz sizes, and and all can be printed with your own personalised details.


You will notice the initials LN (Lot Number) in the bottom left hand corner of each design. Each and every one of your labels can be sequentially numbered completely free of charge.

Tamper Proof Labels

Each and every design is available with its own matching tamper proof label as shown in the portfolio below and are sold on rolls of 250, 500 and 1000.

Granulation Labels

Over time, many types of honey will granulate or crystallise. This is a natural process that can occur.

The honey looks cloudy,

and results in a separation with a liquid part on the top and a more solid crystallised part on the bottom.


This granulation or crystallisation process is perfectly normal and not harmful in the least.

Bespoke Labels

We specialise in designing and producing customised bespoke labels by printing your very own photographs or images onto your labels.


With over 30 years of graphic design and print experience, we can produce colour illustrations and layouts in a variety of styles to suit your exact specifications.

NO MORE soaking and scrubbing off labels from your jars!

All our labels peel off clean without leaving the glue behind!

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